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Carlin/White Associates has designed several assisted living facilities, senior adult living facilities, and most recently, alzheimer facilities.  The design of such facilities has become a specialty of the firm, and one in which it differentiates itself from other architectural firms.

Architectural firms that specialize in this area are primarily from the institutional side of the market: designing hospitals and nursing homes.  These facilities are not designed to encourage autonomy or independence in their residents, nor are they residential in character.

The architectural challenge in assisted living is: how to design supportive and attractive environments for our nation's rapidly growing, aged population, with special attention to the environment's role in assuring resident well-being.

That is the Carlin/White design approach to the market.

Even more important to our clients is that we come to each project with an understanding of development, and the economics that make these facilities financially successful.

When projects are not designed from that standpoint, construction costs are often inappropriately high, which has unfortunately contributed to the failure of too many facilities that might still be housing our elderly.


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